Archotus was founded in 2015 by Craig Cook, an architect based in Washington DC. We design, curate, and advise where architecture and public art meet. Our first order of business is to understand the things we are about to change. We look for the inherent value and latent potential in any place, object, situation, or idea; in search of projects that challenge us and allow us to challenge norms of material and social culture. 


Press, Awards, Lectures, Writing:

Radical Accessibility, Lecture, TedX Foggy Bottom, Washington DC, April 2019

Concept Magazine. "Cuneiformed, National Museum of World Writing." Vol. 225, Jan 2018.

AW Magazine. "National Museum of World Writing." Vol. 272, Jan 2018.

Dupont Underground: Asphalt Activism and Laissez-faire Cultural Policy-making in Washington DC, Lecture, at Res Publica, AIARG 7 Conference, Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, January, 2018

2nd Place, International Design Competition for The Museum of World Writing, Songdo, Incheon, S. Korea. In collaboration with Hou de Sousa. September, 2017

Raising the Underground, Lecture, Creative Time Summit, Washington DC. October 2016

Sacrif(ice), AIADC Unbuilt Honor Award, April 2016 

Reball: Raize/Raze - Presenting Hou de Sousa, Lecture, National Building Museum, April, 2016

Public Works: Reclaiming Infrastructure, Lecture, AIA DesignDC convention, Washington DC, with Todd Ray, Studio 27 Architecture, April 2015

How the Highway Killed Washington’s Waterfront, With John Burke, Studio 27 Architecture May, 2013

Southwest Washington DC: Amending L’Enfant’s Plan  With Studio 27 Architecture, 2012

Parallel; speculative project, essay, photos in David Adjaye, Authoring – Re-placingArt and Architecture, Marc McQuade editor; Lars Muller Publishers, Zurich, 2012;

Cyprian Gaillard - Ruin Porn and Polemic in “Desniansky Raion” Lecture, Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC

Learning From Japan – Lecture at Inspire Japan, Capital Pecha Kucha, Washington DC; 2010

Post-Max Metropolis – Anticipating the Geriatric City, essay in The SANAA Studios – Learning From Japan, Florian Idenburg editor; Lars Muller Publishers, 2010. 


Why Archotus?

Architect walks into a bar in Washington DC.  Bartender says: "This guy over here works for POTUS, so he gets a free drink." Architect notices a woman with 9 drinks in front of her and asks "what about her?" Bartender replies "She works for SCOTUS, so she gets 9 free drinks." 

Architect goes back to the studio and suggests to colleagues that they name the practice ARCHOTUS. They are still waiting for free drinks.



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