ARCHOTUS is a design think-tank based in Washington DC. We design, curate, and advise across the disciplines of art, architecture and urbanism. Our work is informed by the milieu in which we operate, by our close relationships with human rights campaigners, public interest lawyers, environmental activists, and others attracted to the US capital to create change.  We wish to leverage design to provoke thought and action.  Our first order of business is to understand the things we are about to change. We look for the inherent value and latent potential in any place, object, building, situation, or idea; in search of projects that challenge us and allow us to challenge norms of material and social culture. We also make nice houses.


Architect walks into a bar in Washington DC.  Bartender says: "This guy over here works for POTUS, so he gets a free drink." Architect notices a woman with 9 drinks in front of her and asks "what about her?" Bartender replies "She works for SCOTUS, so she gets 9 free drinks." 

Architect goes back to the studio and suggests to colleagues that they name the practice ARCHOTUS. They are still waiting for free drinks.




Craig Cook - Craig is a native of New York City but identifies as Parisian. He ran away to France to become a bike racer and ended up a fashion photographer. Transitioning to architecture after 8 years abroad, he returned to the United States to complete his studies at  Columbia University (BA) and Princeton University (M.Arch).  Craig has not gotten off a bicycle since some time in the mid-1980s. 


Deborah Buelow - Deborah discovered architecture in the vast expanses of Ames, Iowa where she received her B.Arch at Iowa State University. She moved to the east coast directly and has been squeezing herself into smaller and smaller spaces ever since. To fully understand divergent relationships of scale, she received her SMArchS in Urbanism from MIT, with a focus on urban landscapes. She is building her current Flux Capacitor outside of Annapolis, MD.

Hans Kuhn - Hans grew up in Dresden, Germany. He has been traveling the world since the fall of the Berlin Wall, falling in love with architecture as a student in Paris, and falling in love with his wife while traveling in Liberia. He has also fallen off a train in Guatemala. Hans received his M(Dipl.) from Technische Universität Dresden. Hans holds down the fort on the right side of the Atlantic (if you are looking north).



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